Dynamis Alliance

Its been a while guys and thank you for your patience! OUR NEW SITE IS LIVE!


I am more excited than ever for the future and pumped to have you guys back!

Our marketing team made some significant adjustments to the user interface and I hope you guys have a better experience navigating through the site! Dynamis is still alive and well and our focus this year is going to be strengthening our product offering and planning future training. Here is an overview and update on each category at Dynamis.

WILL: Mindset and attitude. It doesn’t cost us a thing to forge those things in our lives and it makes a world of difference! I truly believe that is what makes us most effective. Learning from our past experience to understand how to apply it to today, to be the very best we can possibly be. Let me ask you a question…”What are you looking for?” Maybe not just on the Dynamis website but in life in general? I always start with our WHY and this question ultimately forces us to ask ourselves that question.  What is the purpose of what we are doing and why do we exist? interestingly enough, that was the first words spoken that was officially recorded in scripture from Jesus Christ.  See John 18:7 Now I am not here to turn this into a bible study (as much as I would like to), but if you know anything about me then you know I am a man of increasing and growing faith.  It is a very powerful question we all should be asking ourselves on a daily basis.  It is easy to forget why we are doing what we are doing. As tough as it may be at times, you need to wake up and start your day with the right mindset and attitude with a simple question…What are you looking for?



TRAIN: I am grateful for the impact we have all been able to have together along this journey.  There has been some life long bonds that have been forged in our courses and for that I am extremely humbled. Our training department has evolved over the last several months and gone through some major changes.  Our Dynamis Instructor staff has changed and our focus will be on private training this year.  I am excited for the future of Dynamis and the impact we will continue to have in our community/country.  The training we will be able to do will be much more exclusive and limited in 2019, but we are eagerly planning 2020.  Keep your eye out and sign up for our training page updates as we will be loading a VERY LIMITED number of open enrollment courses this year!



EQUIP: Our gear has always been different because we do not just manufacture gear, we use it and live with it.  Its what separates us from everyone else.  Product report! We are now taking orders for the next batch of combat flat heads coming in! Do not wait to make your purchase! The orders will be shipped out in the order they were received.



We are developing several new products (Blades, Bags, and others) this year and have really been streamlining the products we offer.  Our goal is to give you guys more of what you are asking for!

New product: We now have our Tek Mats up for sale! We are offering both a CRUSH EVERYTHING and HONOR version of the mat! Go check them out here!

ENGAGE: Our goal is to give you guys more updates and action when it comes to what is going on with Dynamis! Our website is easier to use and we will keep building on this amazing foundation you have helped us create! We have never and will never be able to do it without you guys so thank you for everything you have done and continue to do!

I am happy to have our new website up and running and hope you guys enjoy it! We have some very exciting additions to the site that I do not want to ruin but I look forward to seeing your reactions.  God bless you guys and keep CRUSHING EVERYTHING!

-Dom Raso (CEO and Founder)