To create the best off-body carry experience.


You need a pack that is effective, blends in, and that is going to preform when you need it. We designed the LVL series of bags to give you the most effective option possible when it comes to off-body carry.  What we choose to carry on a daily basis for self protection is critical.  We have spent years thinking of designs and features that we could put in a single bag. It’s hard to find everything we need in one single product that matches our needs and lifestyle…So we built our own.  The LVL Series bags are the best solution for off-body carry that pairs a hidden plate carrier with the ability to draw from concealment.  This culminates in the perfect bags for combat to concealed!


The LVL-COMP and the LVL Bag are here to stay! We have taken customer feedback and created the best concealed carry bag for off-body carry on the market.



LVL COMP: A bag that fits in anywhere. We took the armor protection capability and the rapidly deployable weapons compartment and reduced the overall profile. We minimized the LVL-COMP to its absolute essentials so you can  stay mobile while maintaining the LVL Series functionality. Built for  the active lifestyle,  this bag is perfect for traveling light while on the go.  The new LVL-COMP is fully customizable to fit your needs. Optional features include a weapons panel, armor, and a quick pull handle.

LVL: We designed our original LVL bag with the Tier-1 (Elite Military) Reduced signature operator in mind.  What does that mean to you? Everything.  Tier-1 units demand the highest functioning and quality gear on the market. It has to be purpose built or we just won’t use it.  Not to mention, everything Tier-1 Operators do, we need to be able to understand and apply to our lives as well.  They spend their lives refining and improving the best tactics and gear the world has to offer. The great thing about understanding how to build things for elite professionals, is that we ensure we have the best possible tool for the job when it comes to saving or protecting our lives and the lives of others.  The bottom line:  we NEED to be able to blend in and not draw any attention to our capability.

The IWS system is a tabular system that can be used with our IWS slotted weapon panels for our LVL Bags, as well as in the waistband of specific IWS pants. This system allows for unparalleled customization. The IWS system incorporates Dynamis blade sheaths, magazine pouches, document holders, medical kits, holsters, and more. Every Dynamis pouch is IWS compatible and comes with IWS tabs as well as clips. You can also order IWS tabs for pouches, holsters, and trauma Kits separately. Our Sheaths are either IWS or IWB and is the only accessory that is not IWS interchangeable. Check you the videos below that can explain it in more detail.


As always, hit us up if you have any questions about any of our gear! We are here to help! [email protected]