Dynamis Alliance

Vehicle Tactics

This two day exclusive Vehicle Tactics course will be taught by Johnny Primo, of Courses of Action, and Dom Raso, of the Dynamis Team. We will be covering combatives and gunfighting tactics both in and around vehicles. This course will pull from both Dom's and Primo's operational experiences and the content will be streamlined in order to make students as effective and efficient as possible.


Student Equipment List

  • Carbine with 5 mags and 700 rounds
  • Pistol with 5 mags and 500 rounds
  • Preferred holster and magazine pouches
  • Sturdy Belt
  • Sling
  • Shooting Gloves
  • Proper clothing attire (Consider weather)
  • Plate carrier/Chest rig (optional)
  • Fixed Blade and Training Blade
  • Groin Protection and Mouth Piece
  • Other protective equipment optional (Helmet and joint protection)
  • Gloves
  • Open Mind
  • Crush Everything Attitude

Isolation Points

  • Situational Awareness
  • Power development from the seated position
  • Escalation of force principles
  • Weapon disarms
  • Carbine and Pistol Fundamentals
  • Shooting inside vehicles
  • Moving and shooting around and to cover
  • Effective use of cover
  • Scenario Based Shooting Drills