The LVL FreeFall Pull Handle is Here!

The LVL FreeFall Pull Handle, or FFPH is a premium upgrade to the LVL Quick Draw Pull Handle. LVL stands for Low Vis Lifestyle, and it describes how Dynamis strives to provide you with Tier-1 level capabilities that integrate seamlessly into your daily life. The FFPH is designed for even more rapid deployment of firearms, medical equipment, or whatever else you’d need in an extreme scenario.

The FFPH can be used with all Dynamis LVL Bags. It anchors securely inside your LVL Bag’s dedicated weapons compartment, giving you an ergonomic and immediate reference point to grip and pull. There is no quicker way to draw from backpack carry.


With the FFPH you can hone two skills at once. This is the same pull handle found on Tier-1 free fall parachute containers with added Dynamis ingenuity and mil-Spec Rated materials. The motion used to deploy the LVL weapons compartment capitalizes on the same motor memory used in free fall skydiving. Each handle is hand-crafted using genuine leather so all are unique while maintaining the same high-quality standards. As with other Dynamis gear, the FFPH is Tier-1 designed and 100% made in the USA.