Dynamis Alliance


The Dynamis team has taken all the feedback we have been collecting from the previous clip's function and applied it to the new Dynamis Zero Clips.  The key features remain on the clips.  Heat treated metal is used for durability, and we have included a cloth grabber to maximize security and reliability. This capability has been tested on clothing ranging from board shorts to combat pants. The clip also pairs nicely with dress attire, so that you can be prepared to engage in your suit and tie.  The Zero Clip will be tuck-able behind a shirt, making concealing your tools cleaner and more discreet. Furthermore, the length of the clip has been reduced to give it the ability to hide behind your belt, reducing your overall profile. This clip will now be the standard on all Dynamis sheathes and holsters.  The Zero Clip will be sold individually as well in both the holster and sheath versions.