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Gauntlet Precision Gloves

A great set of gloves is essential equipment. So we designed our own.  The new GAUNTLET precision glove. This Glove is styled and built around what the industry knows as a "shooter glove". We wanted to build something that outlasted and outperformed all the gloves that are currently on the market.  This glove is not only sexy, but we integrated technology manipulation material in the primary finger tips.  We teamed up with Line of Fire, to design and assemble the most effective shooting glove on the market. This essential 1st line gear is dexterous, cutting edge, and durable with a very comfortable ‘own skin’ feel. From operating in high threat environments to weekend recreations, the Dynamis GAUNTLET precision glove will keep your hands protected without hindering dexterity and performance.    



  • Smart Screen Technology for Manipulating Touch Devices
  • Ergonomic Grip Placement
  • Lightweight Microsuede for Dexterity
  • Flexible Finger Gussets for Secure Fit and Comfort
  • Hand Webbing Reinforcement for Extensive Firearm and Tool Usage
  • Internal Attachment Loops for Storage

Smart Screen Technology

Manipulate Touch Devices

Ergonomic Grip Placement

Lightweight Microsuede

Provides extreme dexterity

Flexible Finger Gussets

Secure Fit and Comfort

Internal Attachment Loops

Storage Purposes

Dynamis Mindset

Partnership with Line of Fire