Dynamis Alliance

Dynamis Alliance Blade

THE BLADE The Dynamis Blade is a unique design by Dynamis Alliance, produced by Master Bladesmith Daniel Winkler. This blade was inspired by Warriors through their collective experience in close quarters battle and combatives. The blade is cut from CPM3V, one of the toughest, most wear resistant steels on the market. The overall cutting edge is 3.75" and can be single or double edged depending on your preference. The handle's unique shape is a perfect fit for both reverse and forward grip fighting. The sculpted micarta handles are designed to be ergonomic and comfortable with both gloved or bare hands. Beneath the micarta is a skeletonized tang to keep the blade light and balanced. The blade has jimmping on the thumb ramp, under the hilt, and on the pommel to provide extra purchase and maximum traction in use. This blade is ideal for anyone needing a concealable combative blade that can also serve as a duty blade.  Forged proudly in the USA. (PLEASE ALLOW FOR UP TO 10-12 WEEK LEAD TIME ON ALL BLADES)



  • Cut from CPM3V, one of the toughest, most wear resistant steels on the market
  • 3.75" cutting edge
  • Available in Single or double edged
  • Designed by Dynamis, produced by Master Bladesmith Daniel Winkler

Dynamis Blade

Was designed to be as effective for combat use while still maintaining concealability.

Thumb ramp

Enhances forward grip tactics. Ability to choke up on the blade in reverse grip

Full grip

Handle was desinged for combat use with or without gloves

The spear point tip

Was designed to be extremely durable and have the highest penetration performance