Dynamis Alliance

Dynamis IWB Blade Sheath

Designed to fit ALL Dynamis blades and is ambidextrous using forward and reverse grips.  We would argue that this is the most versatile, low profile, rivet-less, and minimalistic blade sheaths on the market.  The sheath is now tuck-able and comes equipped with our newly released ZERO CLIP.

Made proudly in the USA.



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  • Optimized for close quarter self-defense and concealed carry
  • Allows for ambidextrous use (forward and reverse grip carry)
  • Embedded Dynamis logo
  • Injection molded
  • Equipped with Dynamis Zero Clip
  • Fits ALL Dynamis Blades

Rivetless injection molded construction and design

To maximize comfort and concealability

Wide opening

For reference during re-sheath

Cloth grabber

Retention gives ability to secure onto clothing without the use of a belt

Dual friction tensionors

Keep the blade securely in place and reduce noise during draw