Dynamis Alliance

Combative Pistol

Combative Pistol is a three day live fire and combatives extensive course. The first day is dedicated to building a solid foundation of power striking, weapons retention, and weapons handling skills. The next two days will have combatives in the morning followed by a full day of shooting. The live fire portion of the class will cover what you need to know to fight effectively with your pistol. This is a dynamic course and we require a SOLID UNDERSTANDING OF WEAPONS SAFTEY AND MANIPULATIONS prior to attending. Anyone who fails to meet the safety standard to run the remainder of the course dry.

*Must be a US citizen over the age of 18 to train with us

*Range fees may apply.

​Upon sign up, your payment is non- refundable. If you must cancel, you may apply the cost of the course to any other upcoming class within the calendar year. 


Equipment list

  • Handgun with 5 magazines minimum
  • 700 rounds of ammo
  • Blue gun replica/ training barrel that mimics your personal carry
  • Concealable holster
  • Blade Trainer
  • Groin protection and mouth piece
  • Ear and Eye protection
  • Additional Personal Protective Equipment (Knee/Elbow pads etc. are optional)
  • Shooting Gloves
  • Open Mind

Isolation points

  • Awareness and Mindset
  • Power Development
  • Handgun Manipulations & Efficiency
  • Extreme Close Quarter Combative Shooting
  • Escalation/De-escalation of Force
  • Basic Understanding of Trauma Care
  • Dealing with Multiple Attackers
  • In-Fight Weapons Access
  • Weapons Retention
  • Blade Tactics

In fight weapon access

Power Development

Heightened situational awareness

Weapons Retention Tactics