Dynamis Alliance

Blade Tactics

NOT OFFERED IN 2018 Blade Tactics is designed to instill a higher level of understanding into employing a blade during a violent encounter. This is an in-depth look into the Dynamis Blade curriculum. Mindset and targeting are a key portion of this course as well as live blade striking and counter blade tactics. $500  

Student Equipment List

  • Personal EDC Live blade (Fixed Blade)
  • Blade Trainer
  • Groin protection and mouth piece
  • Eye protection
  • Additional Personal Protective Equipment (Knee/ Elbow pads etc. are optional)
  • Shooting Gloves
  • Open Mind

Isolation Points

  • Awareness and Mindset
  • Blade Draws
  • Targeting
  • Dynamis Vital Blade Template
  • In fight weapon access
  • Situational Blade tactics
  • Live Blade striking and testing
  • Scenario Training

Combine unarmed striking and blade tactics

Utilize proper targeting for maximum effect

Understand when to use your blade

reverse Grip blade tactics