Off Body Carry – The Dynamis L.V.L. Bag

Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL Dom Raso says that if we choose to utilize off body carry we will need to have a heightened sense of awareness. It’s not like a phone you can just set down, it becomes an extension of your body. Raso discusses three pros that off body carry provides: it’s customizable, adaptable and it reduces your signature.

All Freedoms are Connected

Dom Raso says we don’t just fight for our Second Amendment, we fight for our flag, gun rights, free speech, freedom of our religion, American values and to keep America the greatest nation ever known to man. And we’re gonna continue to keep fighting, he vows, because we aren’t limited to exercising just one of our freedoms. But when one of those freedoms fails, Raso warns, they will all fail.

“We Stand”

HONOR FIRST! What foundation do you have if you don’t honor those that have gone before us.  This is why I STAND!

How to Care for Your Dynamis Blades

A short tutorial and demonstration on how to care for the Dynamis Blade and Dynamis Razorback. Dylan will discuss preventing rust, treating rust, sharpening, sheath placement, and more.