Tier 1 Quality Blade Oil

GOAL: Protect your assets and provide an extremely adaptable and Tier-1 quality lubricant that adds a protective coating to blades and firearms.

WHY: To take care of your gear! We strive to build the best blades in the world and we know it’s our responsibility to provide a solution to protect them.

WHAT: The best blade dedicated solution in the world. BLADE OIL was a no brainer and it should be for you too! You have spent the time and energy to see the value in our blades and now we have a solution for you to protect them. This was an essential part of owning a blade and we needed to get it to you.



  • Wide and extreme Temp range: -30 to 425 degrees
  • Extremely Cohesive (once its applied its very difficult to get off)
  • Salt Water Resistant
  • Works with Blades and Firearms
  • RED Color
  • Precision Drop Applicator


BLADE OIL: We put a ton of time and energy in testing and evaluating the best options possible. We are so excited to be able to offer you a solution that we believe in. This is truly one of the most versatile lubricants and protective solutions available. You can use this oil on blades, firearms, fishing rods, and anything metal with moving parts. It held up extremely well under salt water conditions. When we tested it, the oil stayed put and was still able to protect the surface of the blades and firearms we tested. We named it BLADE OIL because we do BLADES! Plus we wanted to point to exactly why we designed it, for blades. There was no oil on the market that clearly rose to the top and was for specific blade use.  Until now! Make sure you pick up a bottle and always keep it close to your blades so that you can protect your investment/asset and your asset can protect you!