Dynamis Alliance

Crush everything®

CRUSH EVERYTHING! It's a attitude, and a way of life. It's how we do everything at Dynamis.

Time on earth is precious. It passes quickly and can be taken away from us in an instant. Every day we wake is another opportunity to CRUSH LIFE. Give it 1000%. Freedom isn't free. It's our duty to honor and respect the sacrifices made by the men and women who have sacrificed for us. They are no longer able to enjoy what we have, so it's up to us to CRUSH EVERYTHING FOR THEM!

Let their lives and their stories live through us by attacking life with everything we've got. Live your life in a way that would make those we honor proud. Be accountable for your actions. Aim for a higher standard, inspiring those around you to become better warriors and patriots and CRUSH EVERYTHING you do!

The Will to Fight®

You WILL face adversity and grueling challenges. How you handle them will be defined by one thing…THE WILL TO FIGHT.

It's our most valuable asset. It’s our most powerful survival instinct. It’s our willingness to engage with whatever we are faced with. The Will to Fight will be with you in every single environment you step foot into. Life will hit you from every angle, and in order to be prepared for it, we MUST forge THE WILL TO FIGHT.

THE WILL TO FIGHT is accessible in the worst of situations. When your purpose is clear and your WILL is fully committed, you can accomplish anything. A 90 year old woman lifts a car to save her granddaughter; a young boy fends off an abduction attempt in order to protect his sister; an injured soldier fights for hours in order to protect his brothers to his left and right.

Our purpose at Dynamis is to TRAIN, EQUIP, and ENGAGE with modern day Warriors and Guardians. We strive to make them as effective and efficient as possible in order to keep this world safe and free. We tenaciously seek out every opportunity to forge THE WILL TO FIGHT, hardening our minds through rigorous training in order to best serve our purpose.

It is our job to train the next generation to uphold the honor of protecting freedom. We are driven by our Brothers, Warriors, and Patriots who have given their lives in order to protect this country, ensuring our Freedom. We embrace their sacrifice and utilize it as positive energy to CRUSH EVERYTHING that we do. We WILL fight to the last breath to succeed.

We will experience moments where we are forced to drive harder and dig deeper than we've ever imagined. These are the moments where true warriors are forged. YOU decide and control how you will live through the outcome…how you get to the other side. Your ability to find the purpose inside of you that ignites your primal instincts is what will give you more strength and power than you thought possible.

This is the mindset from which Dynamis Alliance was born. This is what it takes to CRUSH the enemy. This is what it means to be the VERY best. This is THE WILL TO FIGHT.