Realistic combat training at a whole new level!

The Accuracy Under Fire (AUFIRE) System allows you to physically and mentally forge your will to fight. Through Simulated Injury Technology the system creates realistic conditions typically only experienced in real-world deadly force situations.

At the push of a button an instructor can temporarily impair a specific body part and simulate a disabling injury. The trainees then have the task of working through their scenario both distracted from the stimulus and partially immobilized. 


AUFIRE trains your mind to overcome shock, pain, and physical immobilization. Unlike any training system in existence, AUFIRE teaches your mind and body to take back control so that you can stay focused, use critical thinking, and react effectively in the event you are ever injured in a fight-for-life situation.
In the real world, getting injured doesn’t mean the fight is over. AUFIRE is taking combat training to whole new level. 


AUFIRE teaches you to adapt, overcome, and return fire accurately in order to save your life or the life of another. If you’re serious about training for reality AUFIRE will help you get back in the fight and train for the physical and mental effects of a gunshot injury.  Want to stay up to speed on AUFIRE? Sign up for our newsletter here!